CNB Mobile Banking
Questions & Answers

Getting Started:

Q: What is Mobile Banking?
A: CNB’s mobile banking solution, CNB2GO, allows you to view account information, transfer money and pay bills from certain supported mobile devices.

Q: What functions can I perform with CNB2GO from my mobile device?
A: You can view your account balance, view history, transfer between accounts, pay bills, and find office and ATM locations.

Q: Do I have to be a CNB Online Banking user to enroll in CNB2GO?
A: Yes.  CNB2GO is an additional feature of Online Banking.

Q: How do I enroll in CNB2GO?
A:  You enroll in CNB2GO by logging into your CNB Online Banking account on your desktop or laptop and selecting the Options Tab. Then select “Mobile Settings” and provide the required information. After accepting the terms and conditions for CNB2GO, you will be enrolled.

Q: Can I enroll for CNB2GO quickly?
A:  Yes!  The enrollment process only takes a few moments.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation once my CNB2GO enrollment is complete?
A:  If you elect to receive text messages from CNB2GO, you will receive a text message notifying you that you have been enrolled.

Q: Is CNB2GO free?
A: There is no charge from CNB. Standard SMS Text Messaging and Web Browser application fees from your mobile phone provider may still apply. Contact your service provider(s) for details.

Q: What’s special about CNB2GO?
A: CNB2GO provides one-touch, easy access to all mobile banking functions. Plus, you get features like a location finder that integrates with the GPS on your mobile device and map software to provide turn-by-turn directions.

Q: How do I get the CNB2GO mobile App for my iPhone or Android smartphone?
A: Simply download either the CNB2GO iPhone App or the CNB2GO Android App to your mobile device.

Q: How do I log in to CNB2GO through the App?
A: Simply click on the App Icon saved to your mobile device and log in with the same credentials as you would via CNB Online Banking.

Account Access

Q: Can I view all my accounts through CNB2GO?
A: Yes. You can view all accounts through CNB2GO that you view through CNB Online Banking.

Q: Can I view transaction history on CNB2GO?
A: You can access transaction history by selecting an individual account from the “Balance” screen. The account history screen is viewed by selecting the date/time of a transaction.

Q: How current is the CNB2GO balance information?
A: Each time you login to CNB2GO, the most current balance will be displayed.

Q: How many incorrect login attempts will result in a CNB2GO “lockout”?
A: Three unsuccessful attempts will result in a CNB2GO “lockout.”

Bill Payment and Transfer

Q: Can I pay bills through CNB2GO?
A:  CNB2GO allows you to pay bills to any payees you have set up on your CNB Online Banking account. You are not able to create new payees through CNB2GO.

Q: How do I know that my CNB2GO transfer or bill payment was successful?
A: Upon successful completion of the transfer or bill payment, a confirmation message displays on the screen. The confirmation message includes the transaction amount, the accounts or payees in the transaction, and the confirmation number.

Q: Are CNB2GO transfers immediate?
A: CNB2GO transfers are posted to your account(s) in the same manner as if they were made through CNB Online Banking.  Transfers made prior to 5 p.m. Eastern Time will process the same business day.  If the transfer is made after 5 p.m. Eastern Time, it will be processed the next business day.

Customer Support

Q: Is CNB2GO safe?
A: Yes.  CNB2GO is safe and secure.  CNB2GO is protected with state-of-the-art security technology.  It requires a 4-digit PIN to access account information, and any application data saved on your mobile device is encrypted. This ensures that if the mobile device is lost or stolen, the data stored locally for the CNB2GO application is unreadable.

Q: Will my account information reside on my mobile device?
A: No.  Your account information is not stored on your mobile device.  The only information that is stored on your mobile device is personal preferences such as account nicknames.

Q: Can I safely recycle or dispose of my mobile device if it has CNB2GO on it?
A: Although your information is stored securely on your mobile device, we recommend that you wipe your phone of any personal or sensitive information prior to recycling or disposing.

Q: Can I transfer CNB2GO to my new mobile device with the same phone number?
A: Yes.  Simply download either the CNB2GO iPhone App or the CNB2GO Android App to your new mobile device.

Q: Who do I contact for CNB2GO customer support?
A:  Please contact one of our specialists at (843) 488-8360 for support for both CNB2GO and CNB Online Banking.