Commercial Checking

If your company or corporation needs commercial checking products and services, Conway National Bank is ready to help. CNB has been serving the banking needs of businesses large and small for more than a century – so we have plenty of experience.

Our commercial checking accounts are tailored to meet your unique business needs.  We have a financial staff right here at home – waiting to talk business with you in a pleasant, face-to-face setting.

Preview the Benefits of our Commercial Checking account below:

  1. Earnings Allowance – The Earnings Allowance rate is applied to the monthly average ledger balance after uncollected funds are deducted. If positive, this offsets all or part of the transaction charges. If negative, this adds to the transaction charges. CNB Commercial Checking Earnings Allowance is based on a rate reflecting current money market conditions.

Activity Charges

Basic account activity charges are:

  1. Monthly Account Maintenance – $10.00 
  2. Credit (per item) – $0.30 
  3. Debit (per item) – $0.18 
  4. Items Deposited (on us, per item) – $0.07
  5. Items Deposited (not on us, per item) – $0.08
  6. Deposited Items Returned – $5.00 
  7. Deposited Items Returned (if held in cash items) – $5.00 
  8. Duplicate Statement – $5.00 
  9. Online Cash Management (per account) – $10.00 
  10. Mailed Statement – $5.00 

Business Bill Pay Services Available

$5.95 per month and $0.46 per transaction