BanClub for Seniors.

It's called BanClub (pronounced bank-club), Conway National Bank's most popular line of checking products available. For customers who are 50 and over, we offer BanClub 50 and BanClub 50 Gold, the ultimate BanClub product with services and coverage that you deserve to protect you and your finances. Both of these special checking accounts are designed to offer an abundance of discounts and benefits for our banking customers. BanClub gives you more value for banking with CNB.

See the chart below to find the program that fits you best.

Service BanClub BanClub 50 BanClub 50 Gold
Monthly Account Fees
Personal Money Orders
Unlimited Checking with NO minimum balance
Credit card protection for all credit cards
Personalized special member checks and deposit slips
Preferred rates on personal installment loans and overdraft credit line.
No issuing charge on traveler's checks
Discounts on amusement parks, hotels, movies, rental cars, restaurants, and more
$10,000 accidental death insurance
Key ring protection (helps you retrieve lost keys).
Medical emergency data card
CNB 24 banking card at no additional charge.
Children's ID Network safety service
No minimum balance
Interest paid at the current NOW account rate and credited at the end of the statement cycle
Interest paid on collected balance
Personalized special member checks and deposit slips at no additional charge
No service charge with $100 minimum balance
Below $100, there is a maintenance charge of $5 per month
Emergency cash advances at more than 5,000 locations
$100,000 common carrier accidental death insurance
Buyers Advantage@ 90-day purchase replacement service and extended product warranty
$10,000 accidental death insurance and increased common carrier coverage
Safe deposit box discount
Bonus travel program
Auto trip routing

All accounts for business purposes are subject to commercial analysis activity charges under “Commercial Checking Accounts”.